A Twin’s Place (The DragonChylde Trials: Book Four) by Abigail Anderson Available January 19

Author: Abigail Anderson

Home again and finally finding forgiveness in Mother’s heart, Teal reconnects with his family only to discover an old threat is resurfacing…

The price for the twins’ rampage was a steep one, and no-one is as hard-hit by it as Teal. Finally home after months at sea, contrite and regretful, he found peace within himself. He reconnects with Azura who has a surprise of her own, and find forgiveness in Mother’s arms. At first wary and angry at Ger, the golden Drake who decided Scarlet’s fate, he and the Gold strike a friendship that ignites a special bond. Despite a number of challenges, the young DragonChylde is yet to moult- Until a foe thought to be neutralised finds its way back to the family again.