Cry Havoc (Hellhounds and Hexes Book 1) by D Kai Wilson-Viola Available January 19

Author: D Kai Wilson-Viola

It’s a little known rule in Hell, that you don’t need to be “bad” to get ahead. In fact, chaos and distrust are often the best tools. All out evil? It’s all so easy and predictable to stop. Mid-tier demon Alexi and his Hellhounds, Havoc and Hooligan, know this all too well, but he’s bored. The humans are destroying themselves…

So when Chancey, a wizard of Renoun, tries to summon her demon friend of old, Alexi to see if he knows who is tipping the scales, and instead transforms his favorite Hellhound to a human, it’s pretty even odds that Havoc will live up to her name. All she has to do is find her place in the world, earn her way back to her Master *and* survive as a human.

Chancey though … sees an opportunity to gain a unique familiar.

And Havoc? She’ll tell you herself …