Blood Ever After by Sean O’Connor Available February 28

Author: Sean O’Connor

An apocalypse. A love story. A tragedy.

Tyler is in mourning. It’s been two years since the suicidal death of his brother, and still he is not over it. The panic attacks. The constant reflections about “that day”. When will he be able to move on? When he can be normal again?

A new girl arrives at school. She’s pretty. Strong. Nice. There’s a connection there. Tyler can feel it. Can she?

Meanwhile, something terrible is sweeping through Oakland. People going mad. Odd deaths. Strangers roaming at night. Soon comes the apocalypse, only a few remaining alive.

Tyler and several others are now given the impossible task of journeying across this new, forsaken land in search of hope. But the other survivors have motivations of their own; they cannot completely be trusted.

And what of the voice calling him from the shadows of this new world, the one that sounds horribly like his older brother? Has he come back from the dead? If so, what does it want with Tyler?