Prey Species by Various Available February 28

Author: Various

“Are you saying someone anchored their bottom teeth behind the victim’s neck and bit through the arteries at the top of his heart?”

“No, man, humans can’t do that.”

Can’t they?

Detective Lieutenant Lucas Cross, stuck with a rookie partner, a teen-aged Cadet, and a computer he’s not allowed to touch, is ordered to find a serial killer whose only description is “a really fast guy who avoids punching.” ***

BANG-BANG-BANG. A metallic whirrrr.

A target in the outline of a man ran back to the shooter. Zoë laid down her Walther and pulled off her earmuffs. In the next booth, Lucas had his around his neck, reloading while his target ran back.

“I’m not saying it’s supernatural,” she said. “But we have to consider the possibility. Vampire freaks file their teeth. Bite each other. It’s a sex thing.”

Lucas’ target arrived — five in the ten, one in the nine. “I’m a f—ing cop, Zoë, I know it’s a sex thing. But it’s not our thing. It’s Canfield’s thing. He can consider the possibilities.”

“Our body’s the same; we should go talk to him.”

Lucas holstered his weapon. “We should go to the morgue where our victim has, I hope, arrived.”

Zoë thumbed her cell. Lucas glanced at her target. Three holes in the center of the forehead, three in the center of the chest. Nice.

“I’m sending the pictures to Nicky to put in Canfield’s file,” she said.

“Canfield will be so grateful while he’s handling a double homicide,” Lucas said, knowing part of what she said was right. “Grab your weapon, rookie. Let’s go find him.”