The Rubicon Job (The Zombie Job Book 2) by Vaughn Ashby Available February 28

Author: Vaughn Ashby

You know that part of the movie where they montage to put the heist team together? Well… we’re doing that, as well as… wait… what?… we can’t do that can… can we?

After dangling off the front end of a train at the end of a catastrophically failed train job, Angie finds herself waking up in a cement jail cell with nothing but a bed, toilet, a glass floor showcasing the zombie hoard below her, and a cryptic message on the wall… worst of all Nolan and the woman he was on the train with… Gillian, no Olivia, no Gillian… appears to be going through the exact same thing as Angie… well not exactly the same but… farts this is getting complicated.

Welcome to the Aurora Wasteland and the zombie-filled end of the world that it occupies.