John Sinclair : Demon Hunter Volume 9 by Jason Dark Available March 1

Author: Jason Dark

The stage is set, and the graves are dug — the graves of John Sinclair and his friends, that is! The Black Death has prepared his most elaborate scheme yet, paving the way to the all-deciding battle in the Graveyard at the End of the World. With the help of Suko and Will Mallmann, John must sneak into East Germany, where in a mountain of witches lies the team’s last hope: the Book of Nightmares, the key to the Black Death’s demise. If only it were so easy to take. With his friends being abducted one by one into an ancient world filled with horrors and nightmares, John had better hurry. The final battle is drawing near, and only one shall face their final slumber, but will it be John Sinclair or the Black Death?