Remnant by Mason Daniels Available March 1

Author: Mason Daniels

Those who cease to be a witness shall cease to be of the faithful. But who will remain faithful & who will pay the price?

The last ever city is a solitary beacon in a nightmare world, kept safe by the Gods who slumber beneath its streets. But now an ancient threat is rising from within, how long can the last city stand against the darkness?

Inquisitor Kellen, hunts the enemies of the church with venom, rooting out those born with magic and arresting them according to the laws set down by the Gods themselves.

But the murder of his estranged brother sends Kellen spiralling down into the city’s dark underbelly. As he chases the killer through the divinely lit streets, he unearths a conspiracy no one will escape.

Where else is there to run when the world outside is a horror-filled wasteland?