She Walks with Shadows by Abby Russel Available March 1

Author: Abby Russel

A Story About Never Truly Being Alone Lou Brightly has always seen ghosts. In fact, they seem to be her only company besides her spiritual mother and a chocolate lab called Sunny. But when Lou meets two clean-cut teenage boys in a sparkling convertible, she finds herself falling into a summer of adventures and friendship that she never could have imagined. However, one of the boys is the son of the mysterious multi-millionaire Miles Dayholt— a con man who often finds himself in a scrap with other people. Worlds collide when an evil apparition who died at the hands of Dayholt begins to make appearances at Lou’ s expense. In order to overcome the sinister spirit, Lou must understand her ability and herself before anyone gets hurt. Everything is at stake in this story of love, self-acceptance, and togetherness.