The Vampiress of Whitley Manor by Black Pearl Available March 10

Author: Black Pearl

Agnes Whitley was born in a very complicated childhood . When her father, King Edward II, died, she was denied her birthright to be recognized as a royal family member. Therefore, she carried her deceased mother’s maiden name as Whitley instead. Agnes resided in one of Coxwell’s provinces which was a Parish called Westmoreland, Jamaica, W.I. Before her father’s death, He colonized majority sectors of Caribbean Islanders by constructing an enormous manor (Whitley Manor); creating compartments of businesses in the plantations and millings . Throughout her father’s triumphant business adventures , it made Agnes Whitley a very wealthy heiress. At the time, Agnes was very young to receive so much wealth. As innocent and naive Agnes , she developed enemies who plotted against her death. One of her enemies was her father’s mistress named Valeria. Valeria conjured a spell to attempt to eliminate Agnes. However, Valeria’s plans somehow did not succeed. Agnes was transferred into an enchantress to allure any men into her sexually desires. When she was finished drawing these men into her wed , she devoured them by sucking their blood. Agnes’ powers became so dominant,in fact , she captured her victims’ souls.