Amityville Death Toilet (2023) Available July 11

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After a rash of toilet murders sweep across the sleepy town of Amityville, New York, a Ghost Hunter is called in to investigate. He soon finds himself back in an eerie home that is known for a legacy of paranormal executions. Gregg G. Allin (Isaac Golub) has a semi-successful podcast exploring paranormal events. When Amityville is overrun with a spate of toilet murders leading back to the haunted house of yesteryear, Gregg wastes no time flying into town to get some answers. With Amityville’s Mayor Dump (Roy Englebrecht, Celebrity Boxing) demanding answers and an end to the killings, Gregg is perplexed because this Amityville house doesn’t seem to be that scary. Looks are very deceiving, and, after a toilet in the house mutilates Sebastian the caretaker, Gregg is forced to act. What ensues is a battle like no other where Gregg is pushed to the very limits of hell and beyond in an effort to save the town… and the world!

STARRING: Roy Englebrecht, Isaac Golub, Mike Hartsfield