Adventurer of Empyrea by (Empyrean Chronicles Book 2) Available March 13

Author: (Empyrean Chronicles Book 2)

I know who I am. I know what I need to be.

A month has passed in my new life in this new world. I have women I care about and friends I can trust. I have gold and magic and powerful weapons.

But I need so much more. The black wizard knows I live, and he’s still trying to find me. He wants what I have.

Because I’m a threat to him now. And he knows it.

My band has wandered far from the black wizard’s tower, to a city in need of adventurers like us. There is powerful magic to be found here, dangers to be overcome, and loot to be gathered.

I’m building my strength. Because I know the black wizard will find us eventually. That confrontation is coming.

And I’m going to be ready.

Adventurer of Empyrea is an isekai fantasy adventure in the theme of classic barbarian pulp fiction, and contains graphic violence and unconventional relationships.