Undead Man’s Cove : Lost Girl Series Book 1 by S. K. Gregory Available March 14

Author: S. K. Gregory

The only way to survive is to become a Lost Girl…

When Darcy Wendell’s father tries to force her into an arranged marriage, she stows away on a boat and heads out to sea. After a storm hits, the boat goes down and Darcy swims for a distant island.

Darkness lies ahead…

The island is not all that it seems though. The inhabitants are wild, unpredictable and dangerous. As Darcy searches for a way off, she teams up with the captain of the ship she stowed away on, after he washes up on shore. When they are attacked by the locals, they learn that they are not human, and they are craving blood.

Time is running out.

Can they get to the ship in time and escape the island? Or will they join the residents of Undead Man’s Cove?