Winds of Fate (Immortal Uprising Book 1) by K. C. Benson Available March 15

Author: K. C. Benson

Lyra is fed up with her miserable life. She does everything for her remaining family, suffers the abuse and unwanted attention of her village, and fights for her survival for what? To what end?

When her sister goes missing Lyra searches for her, only to end up thrown across worlds and dumped on the edge of the dying land of Faerie.

She takes it as a chance for change, for something new and greater, however the land and its people are suffering at a cost she can’t fathom.

While searching for her missing sister, she begins to learn of the fate of the world and tries to fit together pieces that just don’t align. Lies are rife in Faerie, and Lyra finds herself swept away in the tides of deceit as she tries to unravel the truths of not only the world, but herself.