Enemy of Shadows : The Reckoning of Witches Saga by Bria Lexor Available April 3

Author: Bria Lexor

In the present day California, witches live among humans, hiding in plain sight. But when the newly awakened witch, Zahara Creighton, crosses paths with a ruthless witch hunter, Chassen “Seven” End, her world is turned upside down. Seven is a member of a secret society dedicated to eradicating all witches, and Zahara is their latest target. As Zahara and Seven battle each other, they discover a deeper connection that threatens to consume them both. But as they navigate a world full of danger and deception, they soon realize that they must work together to uncover a plot that could destroy them all. In “The Reckoning of Witches,” romance, action, and violence collide as two powerful forces come together in a fight for survival.