Tales of Cosmic Terror (Arcturus Classic Mysteries and Marvels, 4) by H. P. Lovecraft Available April 4

Author: H. P. Lovecraft

Lovecraft’s terrifying tales have influenced generations of horror writers. His otherworldly visions of cosmic horrors, alien beings, and a world not quite our own remain immensely powerful and able to terrify even the most resolute readers. This collection spans the breadth of Lovecraft’s literary career, from his early forays into the Dreamlands to his mature writings of the Cthulhu mythos.

H. P. Lovecraft’s petrifying yet fascinating stories took their inspiration from a multitude of literary influences, including the mysterious Arabian Nights, the capricious deities and heroes of Greek mythology, and the lyrical horrors of the gothic tales told to him by his grandfather. His writing gave voice to the belief that there are some things in this world that can never be understood.

This collection features several of H. P. Lovecraft’s most iconic tales, including: • The Call of Cthulhu

• The Whisperer in Darkness

• The Thing on the Doorstep

• The Lurking Fear

• The Shadow Over Innsmouth

• The Shunned House

• From Beyond

• Pickman’s Model

• The Nameless City

• The Dreams in the Witch House