Haunted : DarkFront Witness Book 1 by A.J. Morgenstern Available April 1

Author: A.J. Morgenstern

“Haunted?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Huck replied. “But not a building, or a chair, or creepy music box. Me. I’m haunted.”

High school twin brothers Mark and Huck Derringer host a small but successful ghost-hunting web series with their mutual best friend, Jasper. While Mark and Jasper are convinced the things they see go bump in the night are real, Huck argues fiercely against it, insisting what they capture is easily explained away. Because if it was real, that would mean the horrifying things he sees at the edge of his vision every day are real…

After a night of ghost hunting and celebrating a milestone of views on their channel, a terrible accident turns the boys’ lives into a real-life horror show.

Forced with confronting things worse than ghosts and demons, Huck fights for his life and to break the chains that pull him deeper into a darkness filled with supernatural horrors.