Queen Of Last Hope (The Book of Thrice Dead 4) by Joseph Sale Available April 1

Author: Joseph Sale

The Prince, prophet of the end times, must answer for the sins of his past—but can even a soul as dark as his find redemption?

The harbingers of the end-times, drawn from across the multiverse, arrive in the mysterious city of Nekyia: Dr. Monaghan, The Taking Man, Yin the Dark Magician, and above them all: The Prince. The Prince seeks dominion over the dark and magical city, but history has a way of repeating itself, and already rebel factions are stirring, dissent rises, and something else—unseen and terrifying—awakens beneath the city, something that will put even The Prince’s powers to the test.

But this time things are different: Fay, the powerful prophetess, stands by the Prince’s side, and is perhaps the only one who can catalyst a change within him, asking the question whether one of the most despicable souls imaginable deserves a chance at redemption.