The Well (Samuel Small Horror Book 3) by Samuel Small Available April 5

Author: Samuel Small

For fans of The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror comes a terrifying new novel about a family haunted by the ghosts of their ancestor’s disturbing past.

The old well has always terrified Jacob. Even as a boy, he couldn’t go near it without feeling sinister eyes searing into his spine. Now he’s an adult, having returned to his old family home for a fresh start, and that feeling has only intensified. Worse yet, a sudden storm of paranormal activity has engulfed the house… and his young niece is in the eye of the storm.

Does Jacob have what it takes to face the insane horrors locked behind his childhood memories? Or will the sinister secrets of the past remain buried beneath the old well?

If you’re a fan of bone-chilling horror, spine-tingling tales, and sinister scares, allow acclaimed indie horror author Samuel Small to take you on a terrifying journey through the woods, to see what secrets lay hidden in the old well.