An Angel For Satan (1966) Available July 11

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This is the long awaited English Language version. Barbara has a dual role in this classic Euro-chiller, playing an aristocratic beauty who is possessed by the spirit of a statue. Her fantastic, often erotic performance helps to enhance the dreamily melancholic atmosphere of the house and it’s grounds, overshadowed by a mysterious lake. The setting is Italy near the end of the 19th century. Near a small village, an old statue is recovered from a murky lake. Not long after, a series of mysterious crimes begins plaguing the villate and it’s fearful citizens. Their superstitions lead them to believe that the statue has brought forth an ancient curse. A seemingly supernatural power takes Barbara over and causes her to commit various repugnant and sexually provacative acts. This was Barbara’s last major Italian horror film and she gives what is probably her best performance.

STARRING: Barbara Steele, Anthony Steffen, Ursula Davis



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