Dorabella (1977) Available July 11

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Two wandering young men meet a strange, beautiful woman at a rustic European inn. Her name is Dorabella. One of the men (Clyde) falls in love with her to the point of total enchantment. The two adventurers follow her from inn to inn, a wake of horror left in her path. Interestingly enough, they never see here during the day. What is the ghastly secret of the large chest they transport across the ghostly countryside? Marson, in the title role, has a bewitching beauty that reaches out and touches the viewer with an overwhelming sense of evil. The climax, which takes place at the vampires’ castle (exterior shots a la a Chris Lee Dracula film) is unforgettable. There is a myriad of frightening scenes in this short British TV feature it’s an incredible film. Clyde, once a young rock and roll star from the days of the British invasion (Chad and Jeremy), delivers a riveting performance. John Justin has an incredible voice and is marvelous as Dorabella’s vampire father (it’s never stated, but it seems possible he’s supposed to be Dracula). Dorabella is one of the most wickedly terrifying vampire movies you will ever see. A real wow!

STARRING: Jeremy Clyde, John Justin, Esmond Knight, Jonathan Hyde