Private Parts (1972) Available June 6

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In the sleaziest corner of Los Angeles, the King Edward Hotel has a new arrival in the form of Cheryl, a runaway teen. She’s hoping to put her life back together – but somewhere in the musty halls of the King Edward lurks another guest who just loves to chop people apart.

Welcome to one of the screen’s most bizarre works of gloriously deranged filmmaking. Directed by the great Paul Bartel (Eating Raoul, Death Race 2000), this bonkers sleepover in the seedy side of the cinema offers up an all-inclusive, five-star fever dream’s worth of murder, fetishism, and eccentricity for discerning connoisseurs of camp. Check in to the King Edward Hotel, if you dare … and check out Private Parts.

STARRING: Ayn Ruymen, Lucille Benson, Mary McCormack, Laurie Main, Stanley Livingston