Spells Available July 11

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With every batch of new releases there’s always a film or two that we absolutely rave about. Spells is one of those films. The IMDB description fits it perfectly, listing it as a horror-crime-drama. Spells is full of latent and overt horror elements, featuring a black devil horse that terrorizes mountain villagers, seemingly seeking revenge for it’s murdered owner. Watch for the gnarled, frozen hand of the victim protruding through the snow. There’s also Lucien Coedel as the dark arts wizard who dabbles in magic spells, animal sacrifices, voodoo, and murder. Coedel is brilliant as he uses his dark powers to possess the woman he loves. Faure is amazingly appealing and almost angelic in her beauty as his intended victim. The climactic confrontation scene between her and Coedel is outstanding. Robinson and Pigaut are wonderful as the star-crossed lovers whose engagement is doomed by jealously and wavering hearts. But watch for Fernand Ledoux, who almost steals the show as Faure’s bewitched, crazy father. The acting in this film is superb, with many great moments, all of which are augmented by a top-of-the-line music score and a brilliant script. As if all this isn’t enough, the B&W cinematography is to die for. The setting, a snow-covered mountain village, is photographed in a way that leaves the viewer feeling as though they’ve visited a dreamlike, otherworldly place. We can’t recommend this film enough. Wow. Subtitled in English.

STARRING: Madeleine Robinson, Fernand Ledoux