Hayride Slaughter / Halloween Horrors Available November 28

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Experience a double dose of vintage Halloween themed SOV mayhem courtesy of director Gary Whitson and his notorious New Jersey based studio W.A.V.E. Productions!

In Hayride Slaughter, a series of murders has caused chaos at a poplar Halloween haunted hayride attraction. A satanic black-cloaked killer is on the loose, baffling the local police as bodies continuously pile up with pentagrams crudely carved into their flesh. The owners hire renowned psychic investigator Desiree Vargas (Tina Krause) and her partner Cliff (Jim O’Rear) to pose undercover at the attraction as a magic act. Will Desiree discover the identity of the killer in time or wind up on the sacrificial altar of the nefarious demon Krotos? Shot on location at the actual Frightland Halloween attraction in Delaware, crucial Fall slasher vibes, salacious full frontal nudity, and mind melting, rudimentary green screen FX abound in one of W.A.V.E.’s most sought after and infamous features.

In Halloween Horrors, a pair of greedy sisters are kidnapped on Halloween night and held for ransom. When their father fails to make the payoff in time, the girls are tortured and murdered in the kidnappers’ harrowing dungeon of death. Or so it seems. Could one of the sisters possibly be in cahoots with their abductor in an attempt to reclaim an inheritance? Find out as Clancy McCauley (Dead North) & Terri Lewandowski (Sleepover Massacre) star in this Hallow’s Eve horror epic from the halcyon mail order days of W.A.V.E. Productions.