Tales To Tell In The Dark (2020) Available January 30

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A decomposing cleric showcases three short films of terror and mutilation. A man, woman, and her pregnant daughter are escaping a countryside teeming with zombies until their van breaks down and they must survive on foot in a visceral homage to golden age Italian zombie films; another man is sliced to death by a woman in a hotel room, and one year later, another man named Janus seeks a room at the same inn and suffers a night of torment, with only traces of a woman left at daybreak — whom he then meets at a nearby cemetery. In the final tale, a series of texts interrupt a jogger, who finds a murdered woman — after being questioned by the police, he returns home where bizarre events have already started to unfold.

STARRING: Wayne Abbruscato, Aurora Kostova, Alberto Cattaneo