Camp Blood X Available April 2

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Six college kids are ditching their textbooks and heading out for a weekend in Florida. There’s going to be a big party, a lot of sunshine and fun on the beach. It’s a long drive though, so when true crime enthusiast Heather insists the group stop to camp for the night at the notorious Camp Blackwood, everyone overlooks the camp’s gruesome history in favor of the chance to get a good nights sleep. Settling in for their stay, the group encounter’s unwelcoming locals, deadly traps and suspicious activity that makes them question if they’re really alone at the camp. By the time they learn of the nefarious plot that’s been put in-motion against them people are already starting to disappear and The Clown shows up to make the blood start flowing.

STARRING: Mel Heflin, Rocky Flor, John Ward, England Simpson, Lien Mya Nguyen Ooost