Severe Injuries (2003) Available April 30

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Melvin Hubble (Charlie Fleming) is the last in a long familial line of extremely unsuccessful serial killers. In an attempt to fulfill his father’s dying wish, he takes one final stab at glory by sneaking into the Rho Rho Rho sorority house on the eve of the girls’ prospective slumber party. Unbeknownst to Melvin, another killer with similar homicidal intentions is also loose in the same house. Surrounded by a bevy of horny and brainless sorority bimbos, only the bookish psychology major Lauren (Amy Lynn Best) has the wherewithal to perceive the imminent danger afoot.

A satirical send-up of the “sorority house” and “slumber party” slasher epics of the 1980s, Severe Injuries marked the directorial debut of prolific actress and filmmaker Amy Lynn Best, one of the most unique and dynamic female voices to emerge from the primarily male-dominated, micro-budget SOV scene. Featuring performances by a veritable who’s who of B-movie heavyweights including Debbie Rochon (Terror Firmer), Robyn Griggs (Dead Clowns), Lilith Stabs (Vampire Callgirls), Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger), Brinke Stevens (Nightmare Sisters), Jasi Cotton Lanier (Freakshow), and Ryli Morgan (Runaway Terror), Severe Injuries presented a tongue in cheek deconstruction of slasher film conventions that slightly predated the wave of neoteric genre pasquinades such as Behind The Mask and Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil.

STARRING: Amy Lynn Best, Robyn Griggs, Charlie Fleming, Lilith Stabs