Witch Story (1989) (4K Ultra HD) Available May 28

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Following the tragic death of their parents, a sister and brother take a group of friends to rural Florida to stay at a rickety old house which they’ve recently inherited. Little do the youngsters realize that some decades before, a woman suspected of being a witch was burned at the stake on the property by the zealous townsfolk. With the group settled in for a few days of drinking and partying, the demonic forces that reside in the house are quick to take hold – possessing a number of the teens and prompting them to take up knives, axes and chainsaws against their friends in an orgy of death and dismemberment. As the carnage escalates, the few remaining members of the group are forced to seek out the assistance of a local aged priest, in the hopes of putting an end to the horror.

The directorial debut of Alessandro Capone, who had previously penned Ruggero Deodato’s slice-and-dice effort Body Count, WITCH STORY (which was originally marketed in the US as a sequel to the 1982 supernatural slasher Superstition) is a prime example of late 80s Italian splatter, featuring an astonishing array of nastiness with numerous bodies being hacked, slashed and generally beaten to a pulp. Frantically blending The Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist and slasher elements in a way that only the Italians can, the celluloid sorcerers at Vinegar Syndrome have conjured up WITCH STORY for its world UHD debut, newly restored in 4K from its original camera negative and loaded with a bewitching assortment of new and archival extras.

STARRING: Amy Adams, Pierre Agostino, Jeff Bankert, Ian Bannen


4K Ultra HD