Bag Of Lies (2024) Available June 11

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The clock is ticking for Matt, whose wife Claire is dying of a rare bone cancer. Having exhausted all traditional healthcare options, Matt refuses to give up hope, and in his desperation, seeks from a haggard man named Al. Al offers him to The Bag, an ancient relic possessed with dark magic that can heal the dying. The Bag demands a ritual: You must light a candle, pour the blood of the person whom you want it to affect in its mouth, and you must speak your intention only once. After the ritual is completed, there are three rules to follow: Don’t talk to it. Don’t look at it. Don’t touch it. The rules may sound simple enough, but as Matt furthers down the rabbit hole, his state of mind declines as Claire’s health improves. With nothing left to lose, and little standing in his way, Matt must bear the hardships of the next three days, no matter the terror The Bag imposes on his psyche.

STARRING: Brandi Botkin, John Wells, Patrick Taft



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