The Resurrection of Charles Manson (2023) Available May 23

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A couple goes away for a romantic weekend but quickly becomes the target of a Cult. This new Manson Family believes they can resurrect the object of their obsession – Charles Manson himself – through a shocking ritual of human sacrifice.

STARRING: Frank Grillo, Jaime King, Sarah Dumont, Will Peltz

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Daughter (2022) Available May 23

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A young woman is kidnapped and inducted into a bizarre family as their new surrogate daughter. As she navigates through this twisted dynamic, awful secrets about the past are revealed, leading to even darker implications about the future.

STARRING: Casper Van Dien

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The Headmistress (2023) Available May 23

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A debt-ridden teacher gets a lucky break when she inherits an abandoned lakefront inn! She takes a group of potential buyers to visit the property where the unfortunate investors discover a dark, sinister secret that threatens them all. A malignant supernatural force determined to keep them there forever!

STARRING: Ayden Skye, Katherine Bellantone, Valerie Meachum

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Hosticide (2022) Available May 23

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David Pettigrew, a disillusioned sales manager, is haunted by his unrequited feelings towards a married employee. This perceived rejection sets David off down a road of destructive existentialism, leaving a wake of violence and revenge behind him.

STARRING: Paul Kelly, Jenny Mitchell, Stacy Hart

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House Red (2022) Available May 23

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When a couple travels to a remote vineyard in the south of Italy to spend the summer grape-picking they soon discover that there is more to the terroir than meets the eye.

STARRING: Natasha Henstridge, Nicola Posener, Tamer Hassan

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Werewolf Bitches from Outer Space (2016) Available May 23

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Three werewolf women from Uranus travel to Earth to rid New York City of the terrible people – sexists, stooges and bullies. Once inside the city, they must face off against clueless art critics (Janeane Garofalo and Dave Hill), religious fanatics, and capitalist corporate suits – with a little help from their new local friends, including bumbling officers Fremulum and Hymen, a teenage girl Candy (Rachel Trachtenburg), and one crazy drunkard. Together they will stand against the evils of New York City!

STARRING: Janeane Garofalo, Lloyd Kaufman, Dave Hill

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Evil Bong 888: Infinity High (2022) Available September 26

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When given the chance to go legit by opening a restaurant, ‘Rabbit’ can’t stop himself from sliding back to his old ways. With EeBee as his Master Chef, weed is definitely on the menu and this high-end joint is the toke of the town. Staffed with familiar faces and fan favorite buds, will Rabbit end on a high note? Or will he be chopped by the cops in a kitchen nightmare that goes up in smoke.

STARRING: John-Patrick Jordan, Israel Sharpe, Diana Prince, Sonny Carl Davis

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Mexico Macabre : Four Sinister Tales from the Alameda Films Vault, 1959–1963 Available June 13

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These four macabre titles from the vaults of one of Mexico’s best-known film companies offer uniquely Mexican takes on the ghosts, witches, and monsters familiar to fans of horror cinema and fiction.

Fernando Méndez’s Black Pit of Dr. M (Misterios de ultratumba) sees a doctor make a pact with his dying colleague in order to learn the secrets of the afterlife. In Chano Urueta’s The Witch’s Mirror (El espejo de la bruja), a murderer is tormented by the ghost of his dead wife, whilst in Urueta’s The Brainiac (El barón del terror), a nobleman put to death for necromancy returns in diabolical form to eradicate the lineage of his killers… by sucking out their brains! Finally, in Rafael Baledón’s The Curse of the Crying Woman (La maldición de la Llorona), a young bride visits her aunt’s Gothic mansion, where she finds that she is the descendent of one of Mexican folklore’s most terrifying figures.

With their star-studded casts, beautiful photography, eerie production design, and bone-chilling atmosphere, these films have terrified audiences for decades, and are now available in this strictly limited, individually numbered Blu-ray box set, which includes an array of new extra features – including four new audio commentaries, and rare English-language dub tracks – as well as a set of art cards and a fully illustrated 100-page book.

STARRING: Abel Salazar, Rosita Arenas, Rita Macedo, Isabella Corona, Gastón Santos, Rafael Bertrand, Armando Calvo, Carlos López Moctezuma

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