All Signs Point to Hell : Vol. 3 by Kylie Rae Available February 28

Author: Kylie Rae Ten tales of terror to unsettle your soul: ghosts, demons, curses, and the unknown lurking just beyond your grasp. Picture It joins a group of college friends as they move into their house for their final year. But things take a dark turn as items rearrange themselves and go missing, followed by […]

Annie Pilgrim (Night Crawlers) by Eddie Generous Available February 28

Author: Eddie Generous In the whole wide world, Annie Pilgrim has only her mother and all the wonders of nature; they’re all she needs. But when an accident forces her to live with a father she’s never met, her life falls victim to a tug-o-war between who she was raised to be and a girl […]

Asphyxiate by Ally Vance Available February 28

Author: Ally Vance I will save her… I was always meant to walk this path, I just never expected it to be littered with so many failures. I pride myself on my ability to save the lives of others, to aid them when they hurt, to breathe life into them when they have none. Maybe […]

Awoken : A Fallen Light Series Book 3 by Katie Civitelli Available February 28

Author: Katie Civitelli Allegiances are tested when the identity of the one who controls the Darkness had been revealed and Freya, Killian and their friends must do everything in their power to thwart the threat against their loved ones, even if that means travelling to places unknown and kept secret. Though Marcas and the Pertan […]

Belongings and Possessions by Various Available February 28

Author: Various Sometimes it’s the people. Sometimes it’s the structure. Sometimes it’s the land itself. But once a deep evil settles in, it can transcend time and space. Three powerful voices in women’s horror share this tale of woe. Together, their stories weave a dark tapestry about a pervasive malevolence luring generation after generation of […]

Bites Eyes : 13 Macabre Morsels by Matthew R. Davis Available February 28

Author: Matthew R. Davis Art and ambition meet sublime moments of dread in Matthew R. Davis’ Bites Eyes, a collection of sinister and terrifying vignettes from the award-winning author and rising star of Australian horror. Within, you’ll find ghosts celebrating heartbreaking holidays, deadly music that spells death for any who hear it, unsettling children who […]

Blood Ever After by Sean O’Connor Available February 28

Author: Sean O’Connor An apocalypse. A love story. A tragedy. Tyler is in mourning. It’s been two years since the suicidal death of his brother, and still he is not over it. The panic attacks. The constant reflections about “that day”. When will he be able to move on? When he can be normal again? […]

The Book and the Blade (Arthur Crazy 1) by A. B. Finlayson Available February 28

Author: A. B. Finlayson Arthur Crazy is drunk and seeing ghosts. This is not a metaphor. The dead are walking and talking, and it doesn’t matter that Arthur doesn’t believe in them. They believe in him. Too drunk to recall how he stumbled upon his nascent power, Arthur is burdened with newfound responsibility: he’s the […]

Brotherhood of the Snake by Philip Gardiner Available February 28

Author: Philip Gardiner Based on years of research into the real and ancient serpent cult that once dominated the globe, this exciting adventure is a journey into sacred mysteries and secret organisations discovered by Gardiner in real life. Dan Brown may have used other people’s factual work to create the Da Vinci Code, but here […]

Children of Lovecraft by Various Available February 28

Author: Various Fourteen original stories inspired by the influential horror writer, including tales by Laird Barron, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Gemma Files, and Brian Evenson. Compiled by Hugo and Bram Stoker Award–winning editor Ellen Datlow, these original stories of the supernatural employ H. P. Lovecraft’s trademark terror of the cosmic unknown. A fresh generation of writers […]