Awoken : A Fallen Light Series Book 3 by Katie Civitelli Available February 28

Author: Katie Civitelli

Allegiances are tested when the identity of the one who controls the Darkness had been revealed and Freya, Killian and their friends must do everything in their power to thwart the threat against their loved ones, even if that means travelling to places unknown and kept secret. Though Marcas and the Pertan army have joined forces with that of Inland, led by Princess Alise, there is no telling what dangers lurk ahead. Will the band of misfits, along with their newfound alliances, be able to defeat that which holds the Darkness over the world? Or will they surrender to their fears and become consumed? Lines will be crossed, bonds will be tested in this thrilling conclusion of The Fallen Light series, which begs the question: is there anyone who is strictly good or evil?