The Blood Sisters: The Prophecy by Mélanie Dazé Available March 3

Author: Mélanie Dazé Come and meet the heroine of the Blood Sister series, Josephina Campbell, the new heiress of the Campbell Mansion, who decided to pass the summer at the mansion with her two nieces. What was supposed to be a regular summer turned into a search for the truth and their survival.

Breeding by John Westwood Available March 3

Author: John Westwood A strain of vampires with super strength, a sixth sense, and the ability to shape change, who can kill in seconds. It is a race against time to find a way to capture all of them and destroy them. But how? In a sleepy town in England close to the southern coast, […]

Charon’s Last Call by Gina Lynelle Schaefer Available March 3

Author: Gina Lynelle Schaefer Souls on a tipping point are bound by fate as each life is weighted, judged, and adjudicated. Gary serves as the bailiff, the tour guide, and the Master of Ceremonies who conducts ten souls through to their conclusion. Who better than the ferryman could understand a soul’s need for final determination? […]

The Cursed King (Dark Caress Book 3) by Richard Amos Available March 3

Author: Richard Amos Destiny is here. So is heartbreak. I have my answers, but they have come at a price. Now there is nothing left within my heart but war and vengeance. Faerie will face a new dawn. First, I must conquer my powers and take command of the lands of Winter. Once I am […]

Dying Sheep by Jesse D’Angelo Available March 3

Author: Jesse D’Angelo The year is 1980. Your phone line has been cut. Your tires have been slashed. You are completely isolated and infamous serial killer Marvin Brumlow has returned from the grave to kill you. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Every Woman Knows This : A Horror Collection by Laurel Hightower Available March 3

Author: Laurel Hightower A never-ending storm rages, tossing a dark and bottomless sea. Tentacled beasts reach from every direction, a battle at every turn, but they’ve chosen the wrong target. Armed with teeth and sharp weapons of her own, she’ll fight until there’s nothing left, and then she’ll pick herself up and fight again. For […]

Gullah Gravestones by William Hardy Available March 3

Author: William Hardy Steve Riley is a realtor who sells his friend and client a large tract of land in coastal South Carolina for a pricey condo project. The old Gullah graveyard there is specifically not to be disturbed but during initial grading, it accidentally happens. The land explodes, forming a large crater, coughing out […]

The Mark of the Damned : The Vorelian Saga by C.D. McKenna Available March 3

Author: C.D. McKenna Following the drastic events of The Blood of the Lion, the dark and thought-provoking epic high fantasy continues with more world building and far more magic. War is on the horizon and a new empire is rising. Are you prepared? “. . . every so often, Chaos selects a soul that is […]