Dead Station: Rebellion (Dead Station series Book 2) by Aaron Beardsell Available March 3

Author: Aaron Beardsell

In a deep space mine on Titan, Mary and her crew have been digging for days to find an anomaly on their scanners. They think it could be the motherload of mineral deposits. The deeper they go, the more they feel something watching them. Something terrifying, and hungry. As they reach the anomaly, an unknown voice whispers inside their skulls. It wants only one thing – to be awakened.

Within a day, the entire minesite goes dark. Contact has been lost, and an emergency recovery team has been mobilized. They expected the miners to be dead. What they find is far worse. Those who listened to the whispers are no longer human. They have been reborn. Transformed.

Beneath the wastelands of Titan, terrifying monsters, horrific cultists, and worse will rise to the surface, spreading across the colony. They will convert every living thing, absorbing every ounce of biomass until nothing is left.

The only people who can resist the nightmare are Ryka and his team of rag-tag security guards. Armed to the teeth, Ryka must battle against the monsters that lurk below.