The Angel of Subjugation by Kishinjou Available April 1

Author: Kishinjou Just as he thought his tumultuous past was at last behind him, an apprentice blacksmith from a withering village finds himself on the other side of the world and at the mercy of fate once again; the ghosts of a past he knows nothing about have returned to haunt him, and will stop […]

The App by Bryan Nowak Available April 1

Author: Bryan Nowak Cece loves only one thing in this life. Her son Roland. She will do anything to protect him and build the life he deserves, a life which has eluded her until now. That is until a chance meeting with a man who can give her everything she ever wanted. All she has […]

Asura Demon Claw 1 by Eady Coner Available April 1

Author: Eady Coner Strong people tend to be alone. You are forced to stand unbeatable at the top by your will to overcome loneliness. Using Hua xia’s secret knowledge, the body metamorphosis scripture. Huang Xiao, a former Shaolin temple prodigy, was reincarnated into the martial arts spirit realm. Only individuals having Martial Spirit may be […]

Backdoor Carnivore by G G Gilt Available April 1

Author: G G Gilt Abused by the clergy in his youth, Seamus Connelly lives alone on his family farm on the outskirts of Dublin. Damaged and reclusive, his only constants are Nad his 3 legged cat, gay nightclub owner and best buddy, Macker, and Macker’s mentally challenged bulldog, Nuggets. Seamus drinks (of course he does, […]

Blood Pact : The Fourth Book of the Aphotic by Tobin Elliott Available April 1

Author: Tobin Elliott Two ancient relics. Two feral, supernatural species. One fight for control. Some families are born in blood. For almost a century, the Clutch has been confined by a small boundary. All attempts to cross it have failed miserably, with no survivors to tell their tales. Chloe and the other vampires long for […]

Cannetella (Tales of the Lost Kingdoms Book 1) by Elodie Rowan Available April 1

Author: Elodie Rowan A lush, spicy, and dark fairytale retelling steeped in Italian folklore, Canetella is sure to please fans of Raven Kennedy and K.F. Breene. Cannetella is doomed to marry. As the only child of the bankrupted King of High-Hill, her twentieth birthday spells the end of life as she knows it. Cannetella dreams […]

The Corpse Fauna Chronicles by James Chambers Available April 1

Author: James Chambers A vast, malevolent darkness streams across the cosmos. A plague of the living dead sweeps over the Earth. Those left alive scramble for survival like insects feasting on a corpse. And from dead flesh stare a million unnatural eyes. Will the balance of the world tilt to life-or death? Only a handful […]

Dark Box by Devon Commons Available April 1

Author: Devon Commons Dark Box is a mind binding twist that will have you on the edge of your set. its incredible, full of excitement. Devon Commons, takes you deep in the dark sea with a “Thing” that thinks human and tries to imitate others.