Eat Her Soul by Wanda Fersino Available April 2

Author: Wanda Fersino When there’s no one else to turn to, what will you turn into? Pete invites his rich friends to a party that they’re supposed to never forget. When a sudden summer storm cuts off their Wi-Fi connection, they need to find a way to fill the downtime, and there’s no better solution […]

Like a Blank Page by Lukas Allen Available April 2

Author: Lukas Allen This is a horror story. When I tell you that you shouldn’t read this unless you have a strong stomach, I mean it. It is a fictitious story, but the main character is a cannibal, a serial killer, and the living dead. The main character. You will see many atrocities from Ysbel’s, […]

Little Secrets by Alice E Johnson Available April 2

Author: Alice E Johnson One man cannot end the bloodshed, but he can try. The north rises. Enemies forge a new alliance. One man alone cannot end the chaotic bloodshed, but he can try. Harris Bearwood wants his name to be known throughout the world. His battle tactics have given the warrior a shady reputation, […]

Only Visible North by Christine Akridge Available April 2

Author: Christine Akridge In Northern Maine, there are lots of abandoned houses with and without vehicles in the yard. I wasn’t sure why I was so drawn to this blue-green house with its bright yellow pickup truck. I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t seen it until that summer in high school. Interest turned into an […]

A Second Skin by Steven Blackmore Available April 2

Author: Steven Blackmore Have you ever had an itch that you just can’t scratch? Ever been terrified, starved, depressed? Has anyone ever hurt you, damaged you, a trauma so great it changed you forever? A shadow you can’t shake. A second skin you can’t shed. A memory you can’t bury. Imagine the worst moment of […]