Little Secrets by Alice E Johnson Available April 2

Author: Alice E Johnson

One man cannot end the bloodshed, but he can try.

The north rises. Enemies forge a new alliance. One man alone cannot end the chaotic bloodshed, but he can try. Harris Bearwood wants his name to be known throughout the world. His battle tactics have given the warrior a shady reputation, but those who know of him are terrified by him. His burning desire for revenge drives his blackened heart, his rage unshakeable. He will stop at nothing until he has found the justice he desperately needs.

Finally promoted to commander of his country’s army, he sees his chance to find the vengeance he needs. A child pulled from the burning rubble of a village has dark powers that he is reluctant to use, but his tormented heart must find peace, even if it leads to untold bloodshed and a terrible massacre.

Will her powers be the ultimate piece needed to tip the balance of war in Harris’ favour, or will she lead to his destruction?

If you like fantasy adventures, quests for revenge, and dark magical forces, you’ll love Alice Johnson’s thrilling grimdark series, Bound by Blood.