Eat Her Soul by Wanda Fersino Available April 2

Author: Wanda Fersino

When there’s no one else to turn to, what will you turn into?

Pete invites his rich friends to a party that they’re supposed to never forget. When a sudden summer storm cuts off their Wi-Fi connection, they need to find a way to fill the downtime, and there’s no better solution than drinking. A leather-bound book found in the basement, between bottles of wine, sparks an unusual idea for one of the guests. Not long after, as a piercing shriek wakes up the mansion, the teenagers realise that it won’t be a party like any other indeed.

Someone among them has bad intentions. Someone among them makes them show their true colours. Someone among them forces them to grow up way quicker than they’d want to.

A coming-of-age horror story about love, fear and responsibility. Can you find compassion when you’ve been spoiled your entire life?