Anger Born (Made by Monsters Book 1) by Alexis Eve Available April 4

Author: Alexis Eve What would the magical world be like if you alone were magicless? Helpless. With no power to resist or defend yourself against beings who wished to enslave you? It’s absolute hell. Yet, somehow, I survived. Dragged from the edge of death by one made of shadows and pain. He awoke something dark […]

Angler Fish by Danny Baird Available April 4

Author: Danny Baird In Manhattan, everything costs. The homes, meals, clothes, and drugs. But Daddy foots the bill for everything. There’s only one catch: the price is steep, and there are hard and shocking lessons to be learned.

B.P.R.D. Omnibus Volume 4 by Mike Mignola & John Arcudi Available April 4

Author: Mike Mignola & John Arcudi The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense sends its team to permanently wipe out a subterranean colony of frog monsters. The team tracks down Memnan Saa’s hideout, but soon find themselves in over their heads when old enemies—including the Black Flame—arrive to lay waste to the world. Mike Mignola […]

The Box and Other Tales by Nathalie Bonilla Available April 4

Author: Nathalie Bonilla Included in booktok women’s suspense lists and booktok about death and grief, The Box and Other Tales is an emotional wreckage anthology complete with short stories with cryptids, ghosts, aliens, and other sci-fi monsters of legend. The Box and Other Tales is Nathalie Bonilla’s debut anthology collection. Each tale demands the reader […]

Brand of Malice : The Cleric’s Curse by Travis Kowlessar Available April 4

Author: Travis Kowlessar A thrilling fantasy adventure with a paranormal horror at its core, this debut novel puts a supernatural spin on a classic coming of age fantasy adventure that you just won’t be able to put down. William could feel its presence in the air, filling his lungs with every breath and sending a […]