A Compendium of Creeps : World Folklore, Haunted Locales, and Original Fiction by Various Available April 4

Author: Various

A Compendium of Creeps is a book for fans of folk horror and world folklore. Provine and Sullivan bring together nonfiction accounts of the creepiest locations around the world, contemporary essays on folklore, and original horror fiction inspired by urban legends and creepypasta.

Have you heard about the Man-Eating Tree of Nubia?

I’m sure you’ll want to visit the Dream Beach in Sao Paolo? Or will it be a crowded nightmare?

Is there something more sinister in the Masoala Forest of Madagascar than cute lemurs and fossas?

Even the most well-read of legend trippers will find new locales to investigate, creepy lakes of the dead, unheard of cryptids that will come as a most pleasant surprise.

And once you’ve perused our extensive list of supernatural sites, there are essays on the variety of Romanian creatures from Transylvanian writer Alex Woodroe, the true mystery of New Orleans’ own Voodoo legend Marie Laveau as told by a local expert, an exploration of Black American folklore told through the lens of the 1995 movie Tales from the Hood by horror writer R.J. Joseph.

To end the compendium we have an anthology of never before released horror stories from 14 excellent writers. Check out the table of contents below:

“Water Wench” Corey Farrenkopf

“Beware of Banana Trees” Joni Chng

“The Side Room” Sarah Budd

“Sunny Day Grocery” Sadie Hartmann

“The Knock-Knock House” Elford Alley

“The Car that Takes People to Heaven” Greg Sisco

“Once You See It” Joe Koch

“The Perfect Recipe for Homemade Bread” Kenzie Lappin

“Mirror Mirror” Mark Allan Gunnells

“Seven Minutes in Heaven” Vivian Kasley

“Lost Grad Class 2003” Laura Keating

“The Tattoo” Katie Young

“He Followed Me Home” Brennan LaFaro

“The Hags of Merricktown” Yolanda Sfetsos