The Head (1959) Available February 6

#horror – #horrormovies – #TheHead – #CheezyMovies – A scientist invents a serum that can keep a dog’s head alive. When he dies of a sudden heart attack his assistant cuts off his head and uses the serum to keep his head alive. He is then forced to help with an experiment to give his […]

Peacock (2022) (Pou) Available February 6

#horror – #horrormovies – #Peacock – #IndiepixFilms – After violating the strict moral standards of The Foundation, the puritanical institution for young women in which she was raised, Anna Pohl (Tarryn Wyngaard) is sent to care for one of its founding members. An Apartheid-era theologian living out his days in paranoia on his isolated farm, […]

Scream Of The Blind Dead Available February 6

#horror – #horrormovies – #ScreamOfTheBlindDead – #FullMoonPictures – @fullmoonhorror – From director Chris Alexander comes Scream Of The Blind Dead, a surreal, experimental, horror headtrip inspired by the iconic Spanish Blind Dead films created by director Amando de Ossorio. Taking the first half hour of 1971’s Tombs Of The Blind Dead and blurring it into […]

The Seduction Of Rose Parrish (2021) Available February 6

#horror – #horrormovies – #TheSeductionOfRoseParrish – #FullMoonPictures – @fullmoonhorror – Full Moon returns to the moody, lush erotic, supernatural romantic thrillers from its ’90s video store glory days with THE SEDUCTION OF ROSE PARRISH, a stylish and sensual mystery for adults. Reeling from a bad breakup, Rose leaves LA and moves into her ancestral home, […]