The Terminal Man (1974) Available February 6

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Mind control. Advances of modern science have removed it from the realm of the mystical into the all too probable. What happens when science loses control is the subject of The Terminal Man, based on a novel by Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, Coma) and written for the screen and directed by Mike Hodges (Get Carter, Flash Gordon). Computer scientist Harry Benson (George Segal, Just Shoot Me!, California Split) has experimental brain surgery to end his potentially dangerous seizures. Electrodes are attached with 40 terminals to his brain to counteract his violent impulses. But there’s no escaping his own mind. The experiment backfires and the seizures return … with a terminal vengeance. Hooking into this visionary tale will unnerve you. But the truth behind its hallucinatory horrors will fascinate and stimulate yo

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