Into the Abyss (2022) Available February 6

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The world as we know it has fallen into decay in the wake of a mysterious deluge. Amidst the chaos, a rugged survivor named Bannon is trapped in the middle of an isolated city covered by a black and rainy sky. As explosions flash in the distance, he seeks to leave the condemned area…but the dilemma is: where could he possibly go? Proceeding through abandoned buildings in search of food and water, he finds only piercing screams and the threat of the demonic figures that came from the sky, heralding the devastation to come. Bannon must confront seemingly insurmountable obstacles from without and within his very soul to survive…or perish in the Abyss.

STARRING: Martn Rispau, German Baudino, Chucho Fernndez, Demian Salomon, Paula Brasca