Challenge the Devil (1963) Available July 5

Six unruly kids break into a remote castle looking for kicks. The castle’s owner, an odd white-haired man (Lee), asks them to find a missing girl hiding in the castle. Little do they know that Lee is actually a Mephistoles-like character in disguise. At this point the six set out on a search that takes them through the nightmarish corridors and staircases of the castle. They encounter massive spiders, ghosts, and a bizarre room containing a labyrinth of sheet glass and mirrors. These horrors soon lead them to near-madness before they finally can escape. Watch for the scene when two female ghosts appear behind cobweb-shrouded doorways. The orgiastic dance scene is also great fun. This may be Lee’s most unusual portrayal in a horror film. Ardisson chews up the scenery with a wild performance. Filmed in Odescalchi Castle near Rome in 1963.

STARRING: Christopher Lee, George Ardisson, Bella Cortez, Lilli Parker

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