Filthy McNasty (2002) Available July 27

It all began in 2001 with “Filthy McNasty,” the outlandish tale of two nerdy chicks whose greatest wish comes true when a horny demon named Phil turns them into sexy sirens. After sneaking onto Tempe/Full Moon’s “Dead & Rotting” Limited Edition DVD as a bonus feature, the splatter comedy became a cult sensation two years later paired with “Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!” — the first twisted visions from writer/ director Chris Seaver to achieve worldwide distribution. This modest success paved the way for a trio of sequels, first with Phil the Demon returning for “Filthy McNastier” before introducing D’artagnan, the more deadly female of the species, for series highlights “Filthy McNastiest” and “Filthy McNasty 4: Carnal Holocaust.” Heavily censored on digital streaming platforms, this long-awaited “quadrilogy” arrives fully uncut with newly-restored editions of the first three movies taken from archival Mini-DV masters and the final sequel presented in native 1080p HD for the first time on disc. All four gross-out horror comedies spurt onto Blu-ray with an hour-long retrospective look back at the series, archival bonus materials from the Tempe vaults, and vintage audio commentaries & trailers.

STARRING: Debbie Rochon, Tim Ekkebus, Meredith Host, Jason McCall, Cherry Brady

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