Mind Melters 4 Available November 22

Party with celebrities, professional wrestlers and porn stars in the melee of madness that is Mind Melters 4! See an assortment of mayhem-packed monster music videos, crazy promos and blood-craving creatures in what can only be described as a bonanza of insanity! Directed by cinematic lunatic James Balsamo, you want want to miss the fourth installment of this fearsome franchise. Mind Melters 4 will want you wallowing for more!

STARRING: James Balsamo, Shlak

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Haunted Trail (2021) Available November 22

A group of college friends visit a local haunted trail. After many screams and a few nervous laughs, an actual killer approaches the group. Scared out of their minds, the friends run through the trail, trying their best to get to the end without being killed. After much of the group is slaughtered, the remaining friends make a horrific discovery about who the killer really is.

STARRING: Desi Banks, Reggie Couz, Marquise C. Brown, Brook Sill, Raven Magwood

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F–king Bastards Available November 22

After the have a car accident on their way to Santiago, a young couple is lured to The Shelter of Los Gutierrez where they are told they will find safety and help. But the only thing waiting for them is a bizarre family of deviant maniacs, who pull them deep into their world of sadism, torture and cannibalism! From the makers of The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre. Original release title: Jodidos Kabrones.


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