Rhiannon’s Circle (The Bohannon Witches Duology Book 1) by Emily Bex Available March 14

Author: Emily Bex

Eilish Bohannon is the witch destined to lead the coven, but only if her older sister doesn’t kill her first.

Set in Charleston, SC, the Bohannons lead a coven whose legendary powers date back to ancient Ireland. In each generation, one witch is destined to rise to High Priestess. Oldest sister, Seraphina, is certain the role is hers and will do anything to ensure Eilish doesn’t interfere with her plans.

Even if it means getting rid of her baby sister for good.

If Eilish is to survive and claim her rightful role, she’ll need the support of her middle sister, Anya, and a lot of help in the form of a vampire named Ian Cross…who was seemingly placed right in her path by the goddess Rhiannon. Their attraction to each other is immediate. Searing. And, ultimately, forbidden, since no coven will follow a Priestess who has bonded with his kind.

On their quest to find the answers needed to stop Seraphina, they consult with one of the oldest members of the coven, a crone named Henwen, who presents them with another problem – a Bohannon grimoire exists and has been purposefully hidden. Eilish and Anya will need to find the book if they have any chance of survival…

…as it holds the power of the Bohannon coven and can only be controlled by the witch destined to own it.

This dark and imaginative paranormal story by International Bestselling Author Emily Bex has romance as hot as a steamy Charleston summer with a pinch of Wiccan magic, a little mystery, and a lot of murder.

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