Tender Dracula (1974) Available March 5

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This has got to be the most bizarre movie of Cushing’s career. He plays an actor who is famous for playing Dracula, but who now no longer wants to do horror. Instead he wants to do romance, so his producer sends two screenwriters to his castle to convince him otherwise. What follows is scene after scene of surrealistic moments of horror and off-beat comedy. And then there’s the climax, which will blow your mind its so far out in left field. This movie plays almost like a long dream sequence. It’s difficult to judge this film and you’ll probably either love it or hate it. Considering all the times Cushing played Van Helsing opposite the likes of Christopher Lee and others, it’s somewhat jarring to see him in full Dracula regalia, complete with fangs. Rated R for lots of nudity and some violence

STARRING: Peter Cushing, Alida Valli, Bernard Menez, Miou-Miou, Nathalie Courval

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