The Cross-Realm Bargain (Shadow World Temptations Book 2) by Rose Wildewood Available April 30

Author: Rose Wildewood

The little vampiress who fell in love…

At the tender age of sixteen, Karis Cross found her mate on the bank of the Seine. Striking a deal, she agreed to leave her life in Paris behind for four short weeks.

The fae king who broke her heart…

New to the throne and seeking approval, Ettrian Leorie lured the young female back to his home, making promises he couldn’t keep.

A broken bargain, a useless amulet, and unresolved feelings…

Now older and wiser, the last thing Karis expected was for her mate to still be pursuing her after all this time, nor did she expect the resurgence of her feelings upon meeting him once again. There were rules that she’d broken, things she’d have to atone for. It is for that reason only that she agrees to a second bargain: Two weeks in the fae realm. Two in New York City.

It should have been simple. A way to get Leorie off her back forever. But as their time passes together and they get to know one another again through forced proximity, Karis can’t stop the unwilling desire that rises within her with every glance at her stoic mate. With numerous threats on the horizon, it seems impossible to believe that they could be together. That they could best the odds that stack against them. Karis has to wonder, would it be easier on her heart to break their deal once again? Or is it possible that Ettrian, the cold and uncaring male she’d come to care so deeply for, could be worth the pain?

The Cross Realm Bargain is the second installment in the Shadow World Temptations series, and features sexy immortals, dark elements, and plenty of steam. Each book can be read as a stand-alone story taking place in the same universe, but the world is richer if you read them in order.

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