The Dark Power (1985) (Kino Cult #3) Available October 24

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Weekend party plans are derailed when an ancient Toltec curse unleashes an army of zombies upon a houseful of college coeds. But the odds are evened when whip-cracking lawman Ranger Girard (Western legend Lash La Rue) arrives to stage a showdown with the evil dead. The first of two films by North Carolina horror auteur Phil Smoot (Alien Outlaw), The Dark Power manages to be both nostalgic and irreverent as it revisits the creature feature phenomenon. This director-approved 4K restoration of The Dark Power showcases the early work of special effects masters Tony Elwood (Cold Storage) and Emmy Award-Winner Dean Jones (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) as well as, ahem, eye-popping cinematography by Paul Hughen (The Mandalorian).

STARRING: Lash La Rue, Cynthia Bailey, Anna Lane Tatum, Mary M. Dalton

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