Drive In Madness Trailer

Remember all those naughty, scary, and sometimes evil drive-in movies that your parents didn’t want you to see? Well here’s a collection of some of the best Bomb Shells, Babes, Monsters, Murderers, Mad Men, and Mayhem ever assembled on one outrageous video!

From SRS Cinema, coming back to VOD in Dec 2021!

“BLOOD MONSTERS”… “NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES”… “BOBBY HATCH”… “SATAN’S SADISTS” and many more of your favorite Drive-In Classics including “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!”

Plus fascinating, funny, and revealing interviews with the foremost writers, producers, directors, and actors of the giant screen.

It’s HIGH-ENERGY DRAMA, … TANTALIZING MAMA’S… all on one unforgettable walk down memory lane!

James Karen
George A Romero
Bobbie Bresee
Tom Savini
Linnea Quigley
Sam Sherman
Forrest Ackerman
John Russo
Russell Streiner